African Research and Documentation 127 – 2015, Contents


From the Editor

Hans Zell and Raphaël Thierry

Book Donation Programmes for Africa: time for a reappraisal? Two perspectives.

Part I: Book Donation Programmes in English-speaking Africa by Hans Zell

Part II: Le don de livre, mais à quel prix, et en échange de quoi? Un regard sur le don de livre en afrique francophone by Raphaël Thierry

Abstract in English

Book Reviews

The Politics of Heritage in Africa: economies, histories and infrastructures, edited by Derek Peterson, Kodzo Gavua and Ciraj Rassool. Sarah Longair.

A History of Modern Librarianship: constucting the heritage of Western cultures edited by Pamela Spence Richards, Wayne A. Wiegand and Marija Dalbello. John McIlwaine.

African Research and Documentation 125 – 2015 Contents

African Trajectories: Travel and the Archives: papers from the 2014 Scolma Conference

Noo Saro-Wiwa

Endless Possibilities: Why Africa keeps travel writing alive

Gerald Brisch

 Tackling Africa: the resourceful Mrs J. Theodore Bent

 Maria Sienkiewicz and Billy Frank

 An Eagle Eye: Africa in the 20th Century as viewed through the archives of Barclays Bank

Oliver Coates

The Particular and the Work of Retrospection in Isaac Fadoyebo’s  A Stroke of Unbelievable Luck

 Rebecca Jones

Nigeria is my Playground: Pelu Awofeso’s Nigerian travel writing

Caitlin Pearson

 How to Blog about Africa: travel writing in the digital age



 Hans Muller and Jos Damen

Wikipedia for Africanists

 David Clover

Preserving and Protecting Press Freedom – Insights from the archive of the Commonwealth Journalists’ Association

Gwil Colenso

A Case of Painstaking Planning and Preparation: the reception of the 1907 deputation of Basuto Chiefs in Britain

 Conference Report

 Birgitte Jansen

SCECSAL XXI – a brief summary

 Book Reviews

  • Access to Information in Africa: Law, Culture and Practice, edited by Fatima Diallo and Richard Calland. Ian Cooke
  • Routledge Handbook of African Politics, edited by Nic Cheeseman, David M. Anderson, and Andrea Scheibler Ian Cooke
  • Repertoires and Choices in African Languages, by F. Lüpke and A. Storche.Patricia S. Kunz
  • Une Histoire Inconnue de l’Afrique Centrale, 1895-99, by Pierre Prins, edited by Viviane Prins-Jorge and Yves Boulvert. Marguerite Garling
  • South African performance and archives of memory, by Yvette Hutchison Regina Lee Roberts
  • The Long Garden Master in the Gold Coast: Life and Times of a Colonial Agricultural Officer in the Gold Coast, 1929-1947 by Charles, Marjorie and Sylvia Lynn. Dan Gilfoyle
  • The Changing Scenes of Life: from the Colonial Service to the European Service, by Keith Arrowsmith Terry Barringer
  • Europeans in British Administered East Africa: A Biographical Listing 1888–1910, by Stephen North Terry Barringer
  • Leopard, by Desmond Morris Terry Barringer