Petition to spare libraries/manuscripts of Timbuktu


The situation in Mali,  is increasingly volatile. The conflict has spread to Timbuktu, home of thousands of manuscripts documenting the rich heritage of West Africa through the ages.

The scholarly community is concerned for the safety of this cultural and intellectual heritage housed in the many libraries and private collections in Timbuktu. Its loss would be very detrimental to the development of African historiography.

Our West African colleagues, Drs. Habib Sy and Ibrahima Lo prepared a petition, urging the parties to the conflict to be mindful of the value of the heritage in these manuscripts and to spare them. You can  find a copy of this petition on the WARA ( West African Research Association) website  (



Water Management Issues in Africa

The Library of the African Studies Centre Leiden has compiled a new web
dossier on Water in Africa to coincide with  the international
conference, organized by the Network of African Science Academies 
(NASAC) in collaboration with the Netherlands Royal Academy of Arts 
and Sciences (KNAW) in Port Louis,Mauritius, 29-31 March 2012.
 Water and sanitation is also one of thefocal points of  Dutch 
development cooperation policy in Africa

Researching Africa: Moving beyond researcher and the researched

 13th Annual Researching Africa Day Workshop

St Antony’s College, Oxford

3 March 2012