African Studies Library, University of Cambridge

The Centre of African Studies was established in 1965 by the path-breaking anthropologist, Dr Audrey Richards.  It acts as a hub for graduate level and faculty research, runs weekly seminars and research workshops for graduate students, and  organises international conferences both in Cambridge and African institutions.  In addition to fostering PhD level research, it runs a one-year interdisciplinary Masters degree (MPhil) programme in African Studies.

The primary function of the Library is to support the research and teaching needs of the University in the study of Africa (in particular Africa South of the Sahara)  The Library supports the Centre’s work in promoting research on Africa, and the work of the constituent departments in the University.  A secondary function is, by its policy of buying African published material, to disseminate research carried out in Africa.

The Library collects material in the areas of history, economics, politics, social sciences, geography, anthropology, religion, archaeology, literature, film, and popular culture.  A significant proportion of the materials collected are published in Africa, the US, and Europe.

For more information in regards to our collection, please visit our website.

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