40th Anniversary of Soweto Uprising

16th June 2016 marks the 40th anniversary of the uprising by Soweto school students which inspired an international movement against apartheid. ‘Remember Soweto’ is a symposium being held at the Institute of Education, 20 Bedord Way, London WC1, 5-8pm on 16th June, where former student activists, historians and journalists will reflect on the domestic and regional importance of the uprising and its legacy today (https://www.ucl.ac.uk/african-studies/african-studies-events/remember-soweto). On 18th June the ‘Spirit of Soweto: racism and rebellion 40 years on’ conference will be held at the Barbara Strang Teaching Centre, Newcastle University NE1 7RU, 11am-5pm, to learn from South Africa’s experience in nourishing anti-racist and international solidarity movements in 2016 (http://scolma.org/event/scolma-annual-conference-2016-african-medicine-matters/).

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