ARD – Issue 112 (2010)

The Scolma Journal

Issue 112 (2010) – Table of Contents:

  • David Killingray
    ‘Tin Trunk Literati’ and Beyond: Hidden sources for Africa’s History
  • Marion Frank-Wilson
    Africana Personal Papers at Indiana University: issues and questions
  • Lynne Grant
    English Literature in Southern Africa: NELM at 30
  • S.O. Popoola and Yacob Haliso
    Management Perception of Internet-Based Banking Services in Nigerian Commercial Banks

Book Reviews

  • Dr. Livingstone, I presume?
    Missionaries, journalists, explorers and Empire by Claire Pettitt and Zambesi (John MacKenzie)
  • David Livingstone and Expeditionary Science in Africa.
    by Lawrence Dritsas (John MacKenzie)
  • Different Truths:
    Ethnomedicine in Early Postcards by Peter A.G.M. De Smet (John MacKenzie)
  • Long Live The President:
    portrait-cloths from Africa, by Paul Faber (Terry Barringer)
  • The Cambridge Companion to the African Novel
    edited by F. Abiola Irele (Terry Barringer)
  • Africa yearbook volume 5:
    Politics, economy and society South of the Sahara in 2008 edited by Andreas Mehler, Henning Melber, Klaas van Walraven and sub-editor Rolf Hofmeier (Abdul Bemath)
  • Making headway:
    The introduction of western civilization in Colonial Northern Nigeria by Andrew E. Barnes (Anthony Kirk-Greene)
  • Beyond the Malachite Hills:
    A life of colonial service and business in the new Africa by Jonathan Lawley (John Pinfold)
  • Zulu identities:
    Being Zulu, past and present edited by Benedict Carton, John Laband and Jabulani Sithole (John Pinfold)

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