African Spiritual States: Religion and Politics in Sub-Saharan Africa

 African Spiritual States: Religion and Politics in Sub-Saharan Africa

School of History, Queen Mary University of London.

Monday, 23 March 2015 from 13:00 to 19:00 (GMT)

How have Christianity and Islam shaped public politics in Africa’s past and how do they do so in the present? To answer these questions, this workshop brings together a range of scholars whose research ranges widely across sub-Saharan Africa.


13:00  Introductory Remarks: Saul Dubow (QMUL)
13:10-14:40 Panel 1: Islam in Africa
  • Felicitas Becker (Cambridge) ‘Conflict and Convergence in Muslims’ and Christians’ Narratives of Tanzanian Statehood’
  • Alexander Meleagreou-Hitchens (KCL) ‘Jihadist Radicalisation and Recruitment in Kenya’
  • Insa Nolte (Birmingham) ‘Who Owns the Schools?’ Educational Reform and Muslim-Christian Competition in Osun State, Southwest Nigeria’
14:40-15:40 Tea
15:40-17:10 Panel 2: Christianity in Africa
  • David Maxwell (Cambridge) ‘Vernacular Scriptures, Ethnic Communities and Politics: The Case of the Luba Katanga’
  • Reuben Loffman (QMUL) ‘Catechists, Councilors and Chiefs: The White Fathers and Decolonisation in Kongolo, Katanga, 1960-1961’
  • Ben Jones (UEA) ‘Give Unto Caesar: Religious Identities, Local Elites and the State in Eastern Uganda’
17:15 Drinks reception

Attendance is free, but you must register via this link:

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