Hans Muller and Jos Damen

Wikipedia for Africanists

 David Clover

Preserving and Protecting Press Freedom – Insights from the archive of the Commonwealth Journalists’ Association

Gwil Colenso

A Case of Painstaking Planning and Preparation: the reception of the 1907 deputation of Basuto Chiefs in Britain

 Conference Report

 Birgitte Jansen

SCECSAL XXI – a brief summary

 Book Reviews

  • Access to Information in Africa: Law, Culture and Practice, edited by Fatima Diallo and Richard Calland. Ian Cooke
  • Routledge Handbook of African Politics, edited by Nic Cheeseman, David M. Anderson, and Andrea Scheibler Ian Cooke
  • Repertoires and Choices in African Languages, by F. Lüpke and A. Storche.Patricia S. Kunz
  • Une Histoire Inconnue de l’Afrique Centrale, 1895-99, by Pierre Prins, edited by Viviane Prins-Jorge and Yves Boulvert. Marguerite Garling
  • South African performance and archives of memory, by Yvette Hutchison Regina Lee Roberts
  • The Long Garden Master in the Gold Coast: Life and Times of a Colonial Agricultural Officer in the Gold Coast, 1929-1947 by Charles, Marjorie and Sylvia Lynn. Dan Gilfoyle
  • The Changing Scenes of Life: from the Colonial Service to the European Service, by Keith Arrowsmith Terry Barringer
  • Europeans in British Administered East Africa: A Biographical Listing 1888–1910, by Stephen North Terry Barringer
  • Leopard, by Desmond Morris Terry Barringer

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